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"I present myself as an archetype, as an incredibly strong, almost a dominatrix type. But my actual persona as a woman is really submissive — in terms of business, very submissive. So I’ll rant and I’ll rave and I’ll moan and I’ll write the f*cking craziest emails, but when I’m facing that really, really smooth guy, it’s really hard for me to say no. And I will keep looking for saviors and looking for saviors, but the truth is, there is no Daddy Warbucks. Nobody’s gonna pull up in a limousine and say they’re going to save you. That’s not how it happens. You save yourself from drowning; that’s how you do it." - Courtney Love

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#earlymorning #tiedye #stubble #instaboy #instagay #selfie #silkscreenphrasing

#earlymorning #tiedye #stubble #instaboy #instagay #selfie #silkscreenphrasing


do you ever just kinda wonder what your selling point as a human being or friend is? like, what was the point at which people were like: hey, I’ll keep this human

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A sour candy fell on the floor and this happened. She did this for about an hour

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When you hit the blunt before you go on the air… @koradashian 

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When the cashier hold’s up your $20 to see if it’s real


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